The RealCADD Manual Mac version
Text >> Font – Size – Style – Transformations – Find/replace...
The first three menu items are also conveniently available from the Windows >> Text pallet.

RealCADD supports Rich Text – that is you can have different fonts, text sizes, styles, text colours and text backgrounds in a single body of text, or in a single word.


Text is also an object with handles so it can be stretched or shrunk. In the image shown right the text is as typed. If you grab the handles (left or right) and drag them to make a shorter body of text, it will automatically go on to a new line (as shown on the far right), without the need for inserting a "Return".


Displays and allows you to choose from the available fonts in your system, or a sub-set of them that you have selected under Edit >> Fonts selection....


RealCADDDisplays and allows you to choose from the font sizes that you specified in Edit >> Text Size... , plus Other..., which brings up the little pane shown right, allowing you to set a font size that is not in the list.


Displays and allows you to choose the style and alignment of your text. Text can be Plain, Bold, Italic and Underlined. You can choose more than one style – for example bold italic underlined text. Text can be aligned to the left or the centre or the right (there is currently no "Justified" text alignment in RealCADD). Clicking an alignment replaces the previous alignment. Clicking "Plain" takes away any or all of the other three styles (Bold, Italic and Underline).

Tip: You set the colour of your text in the Window >> Attributes pallet, using the "Line" colour pallet. And you can set a background colour to your text in the Window >> Attributes pallet, using the "Back" colour pallet.


Changes an existing word or body of text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Title. So if you typed, say, "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog", all in lowercase, you could change it to "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG" or "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog" by selecting it and then selecting Transformations >> UPPERCASE or Transformations >> Title respectively. Very useful when you've typed stuff with the Caps Lock down by mistake!


RealCADDThis brings up the Find/replace pane as shown on the right, which is very straightforward to use.

Find: Enter the text you want to find. If you just want to find it, you can then immediately hit the "Find" button. Keep on hitting the "Find" button to move from one incidence of the word to the next.

Replace: Enter the text you want to replace the found text with. You can then choose to find each individual incidence of the text by hitting the "Find" button and replacing it by hitting the "Replace button. Then, if you wish, you can hit the "Find" button again to find the next incidence of the word and replace that (or not), and so on through all incidences of the word in your drawing. Or you can simply replace all incidences by hitting the "Replace all" button.

In: allows you to choose to find and replace text on the active layer, all visible layers, or all layers, visible or not.

Tip: You can find phrases as well as single words. RealCADD ignores punctuation when finding. So if you search for “xxx xxxxx xxxx” (that is the phrase in quotes), RealCADD will find both xxx xxxxx xxxx and “xxx xxxxx xxxx”. If you replace xxx xxxxx xxxx with yyy yyyyy yyyy, RealCADD will leave the quotes in place on those incidences that had quotes.