The RealCADD Manual Mac version
Window >> Layers/Pages ... (Workbook Drawings)
Select and click under the Window menu for the pallet to be displayed and active. Active pallets are marked with a ✓ in the Window menu. The menu displayed shows the pallets that I usually have active all the time.

Initially RealCADD will open with a new Plan – "Untitled 1" – which will be displayed at the bottom of the Window menu. As more drawings are opened, they will add to the list. To move from one to another, simply click the one you want. The current drawing will be ticked.

This is one of the few areas where a RealCADD Plan differs from a RealCADD Workbook, so we'll deal with each separately.

Plan Drawings.     Workbook Drawings.

Layers/Pages… (Workbook Drawings)

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