The RealCADD Manual Mac version
Window >> Text

Select and click under the Window menu for the pallet to be displayed and active. Marked with a ✓ in the Window menu when active.

Text Keyboard shortcut ⌘T

RealCADDThe Text pallet is basically the same as the "Text" menu, except that it doesn't have "Find/replace". In general it is a more convenient way to control text attributes.

The pallet is quite simple.

Font displays the available fonts.

Size displays the available font sizes.

B   I   U allows you to select any mixture of Bold, Italic and Underlined text.

I..   .I.   ..I allows you to specify Left Align; Centre Align; Right Align text

Tip: The text attributes (especially Font and Font Size) are saved with each drawing. So if you generally want your drawing to have (say) Helvetica Size 9 point text, then be sure to save the drawing with this selected.