Design No. 077
Design 077
LOA exc. bowsprit 4.750m 15'7"
LWL 4.495m 14'9"
Beam 2.000m 6'6¾"
Headroom 1.185m 3'10⅝"
Draught, board up 0.400m 15¾"
Draught, board down 1.200m 3'11¼"
Displacement on dwl 600kg 1,323 lbs
Ballast 173kg 381 lbs
Main area 8.337m² 89.74ft²
Mizzen area 1.380m² 14.85ft²
Jib area 2.600m² 27.99ft²
Staysail area 3.338m² 35.87ft²
Outboard 1.5-3 kw 2-4 hp
EU Category C - Inshore

Design No. 077 – 4.750m (15'7") 2-berth yawl

The baby of our pocket cruiser range, Design 077 is a remarkably robust and sea-kindly small cruising sail boat. Shown here with a gaff yawl rig, the boat is also available with a gunter rig cutter (PDF drawing opens in a new window), which also suits her very well.

She is very straightforward to build on five laminated ring frames and a laminated backbone. Ring frames take a little longer to produce at the start, but the reward is a much faster and more accurate completion overall The image shows the first four frames set up in the building jig. The backbone will be laminated up in place over the frames.

Whisstock 077

Ring frames have a big advantage when it comes to completing the deck and superstructure – often in fact a more difficult task than building the hull – making it a very much simpler job altogether and a great time-saver.

The hull skin can be epoxy ply lapstrake as shown here, or cold-moulded wood-epoxy. Instructions are included for both types. Construction throughout uses WEST™ system (or similar) boatbuilding epoxies for bonding, and epoxy coating and encapsulation, resulting in a strong, lightweight structure with minimal maintenance.

Whisstock 077

The full-length cockpit is roomy, well-protected and comfortable, and can provide two additional full-length berths with a tent over the boom if wished. The locker lids have deep gutters; the companionway is secure and the main hatch sileds into a hatch box for watertightness. The outboard engine is mounted on a clamp bar with a well in the cockpit, giving convenient reliable performance under power. It is not easily flooded even in heavy following seas – and the vessel’s balance and steering is not compromised in any way.

Down below, accommodation is for two, with full length comfortable berths and a simple galley. The current interior design doesn’t include a toilet and it is not easy to find space for such an item on a small boat like this. However, it is possible to replace the galley sink unit with a marine toilet (or a "Portapotti type) and box over it, and then provide a washbowl on the box top – or a hinged sink above it.

Whisstock 077

The boat is easy to trail, launch and recover and the rig is quickly set up. She has a fairly large sail area for her displacement, which gives excellent light weather performance. The photo here shows the gunter rigged cutter version. In heavier weathe, the yawl version goes to windward well under mizzen and staysail, rather than a deeply reefed main. The boat has a bolt-on lead ballast keel for stability at sea and a centreboard to give good up-wind performance. Additional inside ballast can be added for more challenging conditions.

The detailed and accurate plans together with true step-by-step building instructions carry builders, professional and non-professional alike, through the building process simply and easily. The plans and instructions are practical, clear and detailed, containing everything required to build and complete the vessel. Professional technical support throughout the build, is available by email, via the forum or by regular mail. More plan info

Click here to look at the free study plans, sample instructions and specification for this design, plus a full list of the plans and instructions that come with the design package.

A full set of CNC cutting files is also available for this design, including CNC cut ply sandwich frames, the lapstrake planks, decking and coachroofs, together with the plywood parts for the centrecase, interior furniture, cockpit structures and many more.

Here is a slide show of a Design 077 in build. It has a lot of slides (90 in fact). When it loads it will be on "Pause"; hit "Play" to set it going. You can also move manually backwards and forwards through the slides. When you close the window, it's best to leave the slideshow on Pause else it will still be running in the background.

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